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NOVEMBER 8, 2016
Ballot Issue 5B

These unofficial results are as of November 19, 2016.
View the actual ballot language on Page 5 of the Sample Ballot here.
View the spending and revenue limits in the Colorado Constitution Article X Section 20 which would be circumvented by the language in Ballot Issue 5B here
The specific wording of the ballot language that is required in the Colorado Constitution can be found in Section 20.(3)(b) and Section 20.(3)(c).  The rest of the language specifying "unlimited" and "without limitations" is NOT required, so this language is intentional.
View the taxing limits in the Colorado Revised Statutes 29.1.301 which would also be circumvented by the language in Ballot Issue 5B here.
The many protections and limitations found in the Colorado Revised Statutes are intentionally overridden by the ballot language. 
If the monthly Metro District fee was collected through taxes, the amount of delinquencies and collection costs would go down, thereby saving our community money, but how much more would we be giving up, based on this ballot language?
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