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What's the Difference?
Our Murphy Creek community has a complicated management / governmental structure. Currently, we have 5 Metro Districts (quasi-governmental), 1 Master Homeowner's Association, and 2 sub-associations. Each has different functions and responsibilities. We also have a management company overseeing the entire community and interacting with the boards from all the other entities.
And, finally, we have the registered Neighborhood Association, MCGC Neighbors. This group is completely independent from the other entities and receives no funding from them. This group was formed to disseminate information to the community that it might not get from other sources, including the HOA, the Metro Districts, and the management company.
Here is a JPG of our Chart of Differences that we hope will help you navigate through the management structure of the community.  (It is the same as the graphic below but can be enlarged for easier viewing.)  Here is a PDF of the same Chart for easier printing.
Chart of Differences
Murphy Creek HOA/Metro District 3/MCGC Neighbors
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